MUSIC: Michael Tse - God by yourself -


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Thursday, November 1, 2018

MUSIC: Michael Tse - God by yourself

Download God All By Yourself By Michael Tse
God All By Yourself – Michael Tse

On this side of life, tribulations and challenges are a constant. Jesus himself gives us this assurance…”in this world you shall have tribulation…” Our dear gentle saviour wasn’t prophesying hopelessness over man by that statement, rather, he was echoing the fact that He remains the ONLY hope and answer to mans challenges in the midst of hopelessness and a wicked world.

GOD ALL BY YOURSELF comes to reawaken man to the reality of the potency of the name and person of Jesus in a world fallen from meaning.

This sound seeks to secure in every heart a prayer alter and the attitude of calling on Jesus – and Jesus alone – in the midst of trouble, after all, the trouble is not in the bad situation, the trouble is in not calling on the name of the Lord Jesus. “…then they cried unto the Lord and he saved them out of their distresses” – Psalms 107:13.Download Audio

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